Voters in Wisconsin’s 8th Senate District have a choice in 2020. As your State Senator, I promise to provide great constituent services while focusing on the issues which matter to you.

Public Education


Wisconsin has enacted senseless, deep cuts to K-12 public school systems and the UW-System in the past decade. For our future leaders, and For Wisconsin businesses to compete nationwide and in a global economy, Wisconsin needs to fairly and fully support our public schools, UW campuses and community trade colleges. 


We will all be judged by the environment we leave to our children and future generations.  We need to do better. As legislators, we cannot duck the tough choices – for clean water laws, pragmatic laws for business and communities. We must empower the Department of Natural Resources to effectively guard everyone’s future.


State Transportation Plan


Wisconsin needs a fair and equitable way to build and maintain our roadways. Road and transportation needs are ongoing, and always need attention. Massive title and license fee increases only impact Wisconsin taxpayers and do not fully address Wisconsin’s needs.  Offsetting massive fee increases with reasonable gas tax increases means drivers from Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan and any traveler renting a car at Milwaukee’s airport, or elsewhere, pay for the roads they drive on.


Reduce Property Taxes


As your state senator, I will propose and support tax cuts for Wisconsin homeowners.  Wisconsin property taxes are among the nation’s highest! We can do this by ending the failed Manufacturing and Agriculture Credit, which has benefited big business and the politically connected for too long. Let’s also treat all counties and communities fairly and equitably, and not show favoritism across Wisconsin.




I spent 40 years in small business – 24 years running and owning a successful small business. We paid all of our bills, all our taxes, and all our employees. And we did it from the ground up. Wisconsin’s future depends on Wisconsin’s leaders understanding the challenges and needs of our business citizens and communities. Let’s listen – and do a better job.

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